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Innovation & Experience

Swift was founded in 2011 to execute a vision of safe, reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective transportation. Lead founder Carl Lawrence had already shifted the paradigm in mass transit with the founding of Columbine Bus (later purchased by TransTeq), which built the first fleet of hybrid electric transit buses in the US.

Swift addresses the issues of cost (both CapEx and OpEx), safety, reliability, and environmental quality.

Swift guideways are relatively inexpensive to install due to their small footprints and lightweight standardized set of components. Automation, enabled by an elevated guideway, reduces operational costs by more than 50 percent in comparison to systems requiring human vehicle drivers. Suspended automated people movers have never had a serious accident in more than 34 years of operation.

Swift's smart bogies will provide years of service with minimal maintenance, using time-tested mechanical components and advanced diagnostics & control algorithms. Swift vehicles have been optimized for minimal electricity use, which will allow many installations to operate at net-zero energy use. A half-loaded coach uses less energy per passenger-mile than bicycles.

Swift Minimizes Risk

Technology.- Suspended automated people movers were first built by Siemens in Dortmund (1982) and the Dusseldorf Airport (2003). In comparison to other APMs, they use far less energy, are very reliable, and are safer. Swift brings a 30-year advancement in motors, controls, communications, batteries, and vehicle design.

Construction and Project Management.- Swift provides the vehicles and controls/communications to the experienced projrct teams that will build out systems. Our obligation is to supply the technology, which is our experienced team's strength. Construction and project management teams will find Swift a supporting and energetic technology supplier.

Operations and Maintenance.- The Swift APM team will ensure the system meets or exceeds the requirements and specifications of our customers, whether those customers are system builders, owners, or the final users. Swift will continue to operate and maintain the system through its validation period, and/or into the future as the owner may request

Our Dedicated Team Members

Carl Lawrence, Chairman and CTO

Carl is founder and chairman of Swift Tram. He designed the Swift system, prepared the patents for the technology and assembled the team. Carl has a 25-year history in advanced transportation technologies for electric cars, trucks, and airplanes. He previously founded six cleantech transportation companies whose contributions included developing the first U.S. fleet of hybrid-electric buses, building pioneering vehicle-to-grid electric vehicle batteries and chargers, creating an alternative fueling station, and designing an electric-powered Cessna Skyhawk. Carls experience and technical vision provide the foundation for Swift Tram to become a leader in the transit industry.

Rob Kamerling, CEO

As CIO, Rob is responsible for managing the development of Swift's software, embedded systems, and communication infrastructure that is at the core of our unique approach to automated transportation. Rob brings a 30-year proven track record in the Information Technology Industry having worked as a software developer, network engineer, information security specialist, and CEO of an IT consulting firm. Rob has extensive experience in the rail industry having worked directly on projects involving land mobile radio (LMR) over IP, switching, signaling, dispatch, and light rail IT systems. As a life-long entrepreneur, Rob has a pragmatic and safety-minded approach to all of our software and hardware development efforts.

Elaine Thorndike - Chief Marketing Officer

Elaine is a leader in working with universities, labs and private industry to deploy new technologies and develop new markets. She worked in the computer and telecommunications industry for fifteen years in engineering, sales and marketing. In 2005, she launched the Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology (CAMT), providing technical and business assistance to manufacturers in areas such as innovation, supply chain and operational excellence. In 2010 she CAMT signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA on a pilot for the country on technology acceleration and regional innovation clusters. At SwiftTram, her role is working with strategic partners on research and development of core technologies and developing Swift Tram's market for automated transit.

John Murino, CFO

As CFO, John performs all financial planning functions including financial modeling, financial forecasts, budgets, and strategic financial plans. He also performs all operational financial functions, including accounting, banking, cash management, accounts payable & receivable, and he files Swift's tax returns. John also provides valuation and stock option recommendations to the Swift Board, along with financials for investor presentations. He is a financial executive with a diverse background in corporate finance, science, and information systems. John has worked in high tech, transportation, manufacturing, R&D, international operations, and government research. His expertise in financial management, fundraising, and budgeting and forecasting is helping the company fulfill its vision to create the first Automated Transit Network.

Bill Reeves, COO

As EVP of Engineering, Bill is responsible for all aspects of the integrated hardware design. Bill has over 17 years of experience in the product development industry and eight years in the transportation industry. After many years with product development firms, where he helped corporations deliver complex products, he moved into transit to lead the mechanical engineering group at Proterra. While there, he developed a fully electric transit bus with an automated charging system, for which he holds patents. Bill then led the engineering team at Boulder Electric Vehicle to develop an electric delivery van aimed at replacing diesel-powered delivery vehicles. Now at Swift, Bill brings his extensive electromechanical engineering experience to deliver a safe, cost-effective transit solution. Bill enjoys driving engineering for companies and products that make a difference and leave a long-term impact on society.

Becky English, Director of Business Development

Becky is a co-founder and the Director of Business Development of Swift Tram, Inc. She has edited environmental documentation such as Environmental Impact Statements, has co-authored the Colorado Solar Thermal Roadmap, the Colorado Agriculture Heating & Cooling Roadmap, the Colorado Local Clean Energy Policy Guide, and was a contributing editor for the book A Simple Path to Sustainability. Becky has served on the board of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES) and serves as its policy committee chair. She also volunteers for the Sierra Club, where she is vice chair of the Rocky Mountain Chapter (state of Colorado) and serves as the chapter's transportation issue specialist, as a legislative committee member, and as the chapter's representative on the national Council of Club Leaders. Becky has seven years of business development experience in the telecommunications and IT industries..

Carl Talkington PE (ret), Electrical Engineer Manager

Carl retired from IBM with over 35 years'of experience in product design, development, and manufacturing and was a member of the RS 6000 development team. His background includes analog and digital circuit design, acoustics, mechanical vibrations, statistics, reliability engineering (CRE), product testing, procurement engineering and manufacturing. Carl will be primarily responsible for the electrical design as well as assisting with other aspects of the product design and development as needed.