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Clean, Quiet, Energy Efficient

Swift automated people movers are
Clean, operating on electricity with no local carbon pollution or emissions
Quiet, with resilient bogie wheels and streamlined aerodynamics
Energy efficient, capable of being powered by solar panels on system stations and guideways.

Coaches - Each coach can carry up to 25 passengers. Seating for four is built into each end of the coach, and other seating and ADA accommodations can be installed to meet particular needs. Two large doors on each side of the coach offer rapid boarding for passengers, bicycles, strollers and wheelchairs. Passengers will enjoy the ride and the views. Similar systems in Europe have become attractions in themselves.


Bogies - Swift APM coaches are propelled by drive bogies concealed within the guideway. The bogies are electrically powered and contain backup electrical storage capable of delivering passengers safely to their destinations in case of an electric power outage. Our smart bogies perform self-diagnostics and manage much of their own maintenance. Each bogie knows and communicates its location, routing, and speed to other bogies in the system, as well as to central command.

Control Center - The control center dispatches the coaches, monitors the technology, and oversees the security of the system. With state-of-art automation and technology, most daily system oversight can be handled by the property's security personnel, after a brief training period.